RESET Wellbeing Project
What if your psychotherapy could include support from
personal trainers and nutritionists
to RESET Your Mind and Your Body in JUST 12 WEEKS!?

Sign up for the RESET Program from only £30/week
*Special  Offer*

The RESET Wellbeing Project has been developed by health experts to help you

achieve long-term change to your mind and your body. 


Have you ever felt down and started comfort-eating, restricting or drinking? 

Do you feel that your overall physical health is affected by your mental health?

or vice and versa?

Do you feel like your body image brings you down? 

At Reset, we offer you an All-Inclusive Service.

You will benefit from expert guidance and support from our team of

Psychologists, Nutritionists and Personal Trainers,

based on the latest research, in mental health and physical wellbeing


(Breathwork, Mindfulness, Wim Hof Method, DBT, EMDR, Dark-Room work, etc.) 

RESET What People say

"I used to come out of my psychotherapy session feeling empowered and then I would stuff myself with junk food or drink too much and the positive feeling would instantly go!


I would feel so down and sluggish! I didn't want to feel this way anymore!"

"I used to spend days in bed when I felt depressed. I would just hide under the duvet!I didn't know I could get myself out of this gloomy feeling!


The routine and exercises really help. "


"I put weight on when I was having difficulties at home/work.  The psychotherapy helped me to deal with my emotions but then needed help to go back to a healthy weight"

RESET Wellbeing Project can help YOU! 

We support your Mind and your Body to implement long-term sustainable changes and achieve your FULL Potential.

You feel great INSIDE and OUT!

Sign up for the RESET Program from only £30/week

*Special Offer*


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