You have just planted a seed, don’t expect a tree overnight.

You did not become who you are today overnight. Growth takes time.

You did not learn how to walk, play an instrument, or drive in a day. Learning takes time.

Your brain needs time to assimilate and process new information and implement sustainable life changes. Sometimes we forget that we are not above the laws of nature.

Sustainable Growth

I remember when I was at university, I used to prepare for some of my exams the night before. But if you were to ask me now what it was about? I have no clue! Cramming information might help you to retain information short term but you won’t remember it long term. In order to keep the information in your long term memory and make a real change, you need time, repetition and rest.


For sustainable growth, you need to learn a little bit at a time over many days in order to allow the neuronal connections to steadily strengthen. Your brain needs time to process and assimilate the information.

When something suddenly makes sense, it is actually the result of a steady accumulation of new information connecting to other information you already possess.


Repetition doesn’t just make it easier. It actually changes the brain. Through repetition (or habit, if you prefer) you trigger a response in a specific network of brain cells over and over Again. These cells become more and more efficient with use - practice makes perfect! Over time It takes less and less effort for the response to be triggered. In other words, you have created a new path. More you take this new path, easier it becomes to progress along it.


Sleep helps your brain to process information. It works like a file transfer system. It helps you to tranfer information from short term to long term memory, freeing up some space for new learning to occur the day after. It helps you to ‘keep your house tidy’ by transferring this new information into the right place where any related information is already located. You can then connect your present with your past! Have you heard of the expression ‘Sleep on it’? (In French, ‘the night will advise you well‘)

Consequently, remember to take one step at a time. Maintain a steady pace. Trust the process. Have faith in your ability.

Your cells will connect the dots!

Growth is not linear

Learning is a journey containing, amongst other things, ups and downs, problem solving and trials and errors. Like the magnificent Oak Trees you can see outside, you will come across obstacles - from a little stone to a massive rock. On your journey, you will have to pause, adapt and change direction in order to grow a new root.

Source: Unknown

Growth Recipe

🌱Chose ‘Patience’ over ‘Quick to Judge’ - We are quick to cry ‘failure’ when the journey is long or difficult. Stay Strong. Be patient

.🍃Chose ‘Faith’ over ‘Force’ - Have faith in yourself and your abilities. Maintain a steady pace. Keep going. Give your cells time to connect!


☘️ Chose ‘Gratitude’ over ’Constant self criticism’ - Take the time to look at your journey and be proud of your achievements.

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