Switch off the autopilot and let it all out!

Good Health is not just a matter of thinking 'happy thoughts.' Sometimes the biggest impetus to healing can come from jump-starting the immune system with a burst of long-repressed anger.’’ Dr Candace Pert.

A healthy lifestyle is not about being always ‘happy’ and ‘smiling’. Being healthy means that we allow ourselves to feel any of the emotions that come up with compassion and understanding, and find positive ways to express them.

Emotions are biochemical expression to a psychological/ physiological need or perception of threat.

Denying them means denying our own physiology. When we are hungry or thirsty, we know better than to ignore it. We acknowledge and respond to it.

Therefore, a healthy lifestyle starts with acknowledging our emotions/sensations, that be hunger or anger, respond and express them in a safe way.

Negative emotions are as honest and valid as positive ones. They are not the enemy. Our body isn’t trying to deceive us. It is trying to inform us or prepare us for a situation. These emotions are keys to our survival and thrive. So let’s stop, listen and respond.

Autopilot Mode

When things are stressful or hectic, we might go through the day on autopilot, switching off our emotions to allow ourselves to focus on the task at hand.

This might be to achieve our targets at work or to protect our children from our own stress/ anxiety. This strategy might be very helpful, but sometimes, we might forget to switch things back on and we stay disconnected from our feelings/ thoughts for days on.

What is the cost on our body and health?

Research shows that that stress and stress related disorders accounted about 75% of all doctors visits last year.

Have you ever wondered why after working hard to meet a deadline you fall ill out of the blue? It’s likely that you were on autopilot and coping with a lot of stress without full awareness.

This is exhausting for your body! So let’s reconnect and express our emotions:

1. Find a safe place

  1. Switch off the autopilot

  2. Name your emotions (if no words available focus on describing sensations)

  3. Allow yourself to express them. Let it out! Dance, Run, Cry, Sob, Scream (in a pillow and throw the pillow on the floor), Jump, Sing, Talk, Cycle, Write, Draw, etc.

Check how you are feeling regularly through the day.

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