Cabin Fever During Lockdown

Many people might experience ‘cabin fever’ through the Easter Weekend. This often involves feeling hopeless, restless, irritable and bored when confined. For some people the lockdown may provide a nice break from daily responsibilities. However, this can also become stressful and anxiety-provoking. Change in our daily routine, feeling stuck in the house, and significantly restricted in our choices and activities is a source of STRESS.

Therefore your body might trigger the flight-fight response, even though you are home safe.

The flight- fight response will lead to an increase in heart rate, blood flow, breathing, etc. Your body is prepared to protect yourself even though there is no real obvious danger around you. Those body reactions will lead you to feel restless, low in mood, anxious, snappy, lacking in motivation, craving for food, etc.

It is crucial that you take the time to look after yourself so your body can understand that there is no need to trigger your Stress response. Self-care is Key to reduce your stress feelings.

1. Look after your body so your body can start to relax: eat a diverse and balanced diet, drink plenty of water, make sure that you sleep enough.

2. Stay Active: even if you are stuck indoor, find a way to move your body to increase the blood flow and shift your feelings

3. Engage in relaxing and creative activities

4. Be mindful of your thoughts: Focus on what you can control.

5. Take the time for a break to breath deeply and let go of any negative thoughts through meditative/ breathing practice

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