Achieve Personal Growth: Counselling & Coaching

Like most of us, you may face occasional challenges and difficulties.


At times you may perhaps feel anxious or depressed about work, family, relationships, stress, illnesses, etc.


There may be things about yourself, the past or the future, that confuse or concern you.

Your career, your relationships or your life might feel almost stagnant, uninteresting or overwhelming . You might feel lost or fear that you are losing control.


At times, we go through challenges that might affect our confidence and wellbeing. Sometimes they impact our day-to day life (eating, drinking, gambling, overspending, outbursts, etc.) and we lose our sense of direction and ways of coping.

We do not always feel that our friends or family can help us or understand what we are going through.

At RESET, we are here to explore with you these challenges, help you to overcome your difficulties.

Using an holistic and integrative approach, we will support you to move forward with your life and achieve sustainable and positive changes.

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