With RESET Psychology

Become the person you have always wanted to be INSIDE and OUT.

The Sky is the Limit

"With the RESET approach, I help you to find the answers within you to overcome your personal and professional challenges. 

I TEACH you a long term sustainable solution that you can apply to different parts of your life'

'Personal or professional, physical or psychological, everything is connected'


Using an evidence-based approach, I support you implementing new behaviours, habits, thoughts patterns and coping strategies."

Marion Wachet, Consultant Clinical Psychologist

RESET What People say

"The best decision I ever made but you have to want to change..."

"...there was anxiety and worry that seeking help 'wouldn't work' Marion had been exceptional at guiding me through a steep healing process Always very honest and encouraging"

"I’m able to look at myself and shape myself into new beliefs and state of mind. "

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Personal Goals

Improve your relationships with partners, family and friends


Professional Goals 

Gain confidence, assertiveness and motivation

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Health Goals

Manage stress, eating/ sleep difficulties, substance abuse. 

We explore the difficulties you are confronted with and I help you to achieve:

'You can achieve anything you put your MIND AND BODY to.' 

Through the application of highly effective psychological models, coaching skills, physical training, bodywork, the RESET Approach helps you to:

  • Understand how your mind and body work so you can gain greater insight/ intuition 

  • Reconnect with who you are so you can free yourself from those self-limiting beliefs and behaviours that are holding you back. 

  • RESET the way you think, feel and behave​ so you can achieve your goals and implement sustainable change in your personal/ professional life.​


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Achieve Personal Growth

At RESET, I am committed to teach YOU how to make positive, lasting and sustainable changes in your life.

Support Groups

Psychological assessmEnt & Interventions 

RESET provides expert psychological services including DBT, CBT and EMDR,

for the legal, insurance, public sector and employment markets

(self-referral accepted) . 

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Clinical supervision
& Reflective practice

I offer students and qualified professionals a space to reflect, receive support and expert guidance.



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